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Frank would be so proud

I’m going through a bit of a jazz phase. I think it’s a combination of spring being on its way¬†and a recent break up. Jazz just sorta combines sadness with humor and then¬†elevates to romance with silliness. It’s hard not to appreciate all sides of the emotional ride with jazz.

Some really great artist (which I know have been around forever) are just now coming to my attention. Jamie Cullum especially…

Jamie Cullum is a part of the “contemporary jazz” department. He’s got the raspy voice of a smoker far beyond his years (31). If you just really need to smile, he’s got the tracks. Try out “Twentysomething” and “I Think, I Love” for starters. He also brings a lot of energy to the jazz scene, being so young and with a foot in the pop genre door. I’m sure hardcore jazz listeners won’t be so thrilled about Jamie, but the warm vocals and rocker attitude make him a perfect intro to spring.